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Repairing Your Kitchen Cabinets

What better way is there to improve how your kitchen looks than the complete restoration of your cabinets? At Kitchen Solutions LLC, our cabinet restoration services bring out the best in your kitchen, making any damaged or aged cabinets look like new. By removing the buildup of unwanted materials, and the maintenance of moving parts, you can experience having a brand new kitchen all over again.

Restored Cabinet

Preparing for Your Renewal

Before we ever get to work, we make sure to cover your floors and countertops to ensure they remain protected throughout the restoration process. After adequately safeguarding your kitchen, we start separating and removing the buildup of dirt, grease, wax, smoke, and dust from your cabinets surfaces. We then touch up any worn areas and blend areas where the finish has been damaged or is missing altogether with special colorants. A sealing coat is then applied over cleaned spaces and followed by two coats of polyurethane.

Cabinet Repair

Should your cabinets have damage in any of their moving parts, then we can fix that too. We lubricate drawer slides, repair hinges, and align cabinet doors as necessary. New bumpers for the back of doors and drawers are also available for installation as well. When upgrading isn't possible for you, getting a like new kitchen is always an option with us.